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Working ON your business

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Don't get bogged down in the stress of the day-to-day operations

It can be pretty lonely at the start. When running your own business, it comes as a shock to many people, especially new business owners, that there is NO finishing line! There are always things to be done and often redone. As you may have already noticed, it is not possible to be working ON your business at the same time as you are working IN your business.

That is, are you doing all the proactive things, like developing better business or marketing strategies, or are you simply doing the day to day operational stuff to keep your business running?

Does it feel like days on days of fulfilling customer orders, the endless and time-consuming admin and paperwork, making calls, running to and from suppliers and client meetings?

Or are you getting the time to plan, focusing on particular directions for the week, month or year?

To be able to work ON your business, reserve some time each week. Reserve at least an hour a week to work ON your business – to sort out your Marketing and/or Business direction. Give yourself a focus for the week. Limit your goals for that week to the top three you want to achieve. Then break these goals down into a few small actions items to help you reach and achieve those goals. This will form as your TO DO or checklist to help you remain focused.

Whether that is planning content for your website, or social media, or writing blog articles to help you get new prospects, or simply thinking of other ways on how to grow your business, like joining new networking groups or attending a training session or webinar.

Take time out from your current environment meet a friend, mentor or business partner at a café or a park where you can clear your mind. The different environment will allow you to think outside the box. Observe what is happening around you, how people interact and their buying habits etc. Use this time to just bounce ideas off each other and define some action items that will give you clarity.

It always feels better when you realise you are not alone and there are others who can share your ups and downs, or even inspire you to try something new.

Written By Emerald Firli

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