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Are you a Waiter or a Creator?

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Do you seize the moment or hold back for clarity?

As business owners, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies when comes to our successes and failures.

In my experience when helping new small businesses get off the ground, or get to that next step of their expansion, I come across two types of people – Waiters and Creators.

Waiters tend to seek security and often lack the confidence to try things out. They want reassurance or a guarantee that what they are doing is right, that the opportunity that they are about to embark on is the correct one. They are often unsure and want to wait for the next best thing. This often causes them anxiety, or they mentally play the victim card which puts them into overwhelm, worst still non-action!

Creators however, always see the positive. They see an opportunity and seize the moment. They find a way to take the risk and go for it! Creators often don’t wait or hold back. They weigh up their options and see the best or most appropriate way to approach the situation. They are big action takers and even if things are not working out as planned, they seek other options and avenues to make it happen. Thus, they are often having more success than those who wait for opportunities to come them.

A decision is not made in your head, it's made when you move. - Mel Robbins

If you tend to be a waiter all is not lost. Here are a few ways that can help you change your mindset and create habits that will help you push your business, and personal life, towards the direction you desire:

  1. Do one thing a week that is out of your comfort zone. This will get you forming new and constructive habits and build your confidence.
  2. Don’t be afraid to get things wrong or get a rejection. Finding out what doesn’t work, can lead you to solutions that will work.
  3. Observation – Watch those around you. Who do you see as successful, who seems to have the creator traits? Then emulate or follow their lead.
  4. Education – Learn the skills you need to propel you to where you want to be.
  5. Lastly, get a Mentor - Seek help from someone who can get you the results you strive for. They will give you the push and the drive for you to create the habits you need to get there.

Don't go for perfection, just go for it. Relentless action creates progress. - Emerald Firli

Written By Emerald Firli

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