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    Who we are

    We are a boutique consulting agency based in Sydney. Initially founded to service the growing needs of small to medium organisations requiring the services of a virtual marketer or project marketing resource.


    Mint Creative Circle evolved to provide our clients with the services from our collaborative circle of marketing professionals, creative designers, writers, media partners, event managers, and digital experts.


    With this change comes new services and partners so we can continue to deliver fresh, clever and engaging marketing communications, campaigns and perspectives to your business.

    Our Approach

    We that not all businesses have the same requirements. We realise that many businesses cannot afford the expense of a full-service creative agency or a full-time resource, for that reason we offer our clients flexible and affordable marketing services. We have a lean structure but have a wealth of key strategic partners, which we can bring on as the project requires.

    We take the time to think and get to know your business to ensure your marketing goals are in line with your business objectives.

    Mint Creative ultimately helps businesses connect, engage and grow.

  • Services

    we offer


    • B2B Strategy
    • Go to Market
    • Program & Campaign Development


    • Brand Voice & Messaging
    • Communications Strategy
    • PR Opportunities
    • Copy & Content Creation


    • Brand & Visual Identity
    • Concept Designs
    • Product & Packaging Design
    • Website Design

    Outsourced Marketing

    • Virtual Marketing Resource
    • Planning & Execution
    • Event & Project Management


    • Marketing Mentoring
    • Personal Development
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  • What our clients say


    A pleasure to work with, professional and focused on the best possible outcome.


    Bastian Schattner - Distribution Manager

    Fresh, great ideas for the business and worked consistently to get the message across not only to stakeholders in the business but to customers and vendors alike.


    Larrissa Kostoglou - Distribution and Reseller Account Manager


    Pro-active & strategic marketing resource...Very well connected within the industry and focuses on the business objectives of the organisation to ensure that there is a win-win for companies.


    Jo Benton - General Manager, Sales & Marketing

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